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The package is copyrighted proprietary software and not public domain.  No license fee is required for use of the software by bona-fide hobbyists and non-profit making organisations.  Duplication or copying of this software is expressly prohibited including (but not limited to) distribution on CD-ROMs and web sites. 

Downloading / Installation

To download the software, please go through the following steps.  If you wish to uninstall the application at any time, go to the Windows Control Panel and use Add/Remove programs.  

Windows Setup
Click here to download the file and install the software to your PC [approx 2478K bytes].  If your browser opens/runs program files, the installation will be automatic. 

Version History

1.4 03/03/2022 Build 59 - Source impedance for Vox stack corrected
1.4 23/03/2019 Build 55 - Fixed calculation error with Hiwatt stack
1.4 15/01/2019 Build 54 - Fixed optimisation bug which was causing strange results and crashes
1.4 03/02/2018 Build 53 - Fixed issue with Hiwatt mid control the wrong way round
1.4 03/02/2018 Build 52 - Hiwatt tone stack added, unlimited undo/redo feature added
1.3 21/03/2017 Build 47 - Bug fix on VOX schematic, desktop icon fixed, new button to reset controls
1.3 02/04/2016 Build 44 - Units of measure such as Henries, Ohms added to the schematics.
1.3 06/01/2015 Recompiled, minor tidy up activities.
1.3 07/09/2006 Nothing new but the Windows installer .msi file has been added.
1.3 09/03/2003 Version 1.3, help file now has reference to help forum.
1.3 14/7/2002 Version 1.3 released - has file save/load, sweeping, and optional colours for the plot screen.
1.2 19/11/99 Version 1.2 released - includes the Big Muff tone stack.
1.1 24/10/99 Version 1.1 released - now includes the Steve Bench tone stack and some other tweaks.
1.0 production 14/6/99 Build 25 released, added support for large fonts and to allow resizing of the window.
"     " 8/6/99 Build 24 released, added variable plot resolution.
"     " 22/5/99 First production version released.
1.0 beta 16 12/5/99 Release of beta version for testing.