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The package is copyrighted proprietary software and not public domain.  No license fee is required for use of the software by bona-fide hobbyists and non-profit making organisations.  

Downloading / Installation

To download the software, please go through the following steps.  If you wish to uninstall the application at any time, go to the Windows Control Panel and use Add/Remove programs.  

Download TDSLPE  
Click the icon to download/install TDSL Personal Edition V1.1 [1.4 MB].  This is the Windows installer version and may need an updated Windows installer.  Recent operating systems like XP will not need this.  If you have trouble installing, please obtain one of the Microsoft installers below to update your system.  Data pack last updated 15th May 2012.
Click the icon to download the Windows installer for Windows 95, 98 and Me if required.
Click the icon to download the Windows installer for Windows NT/2000 if required.

Old version of TDSLPE

This is provided for older systems that need setup.exe rather than the windows .msi files.  The software shown below is no longer maintained.

Full Install Click here to download the software and data pack to your PC [1.43 MB].  If your browser opens/runs program files, the installation will be automatic.  (Data pack last updated 26th August 2006).
EXE only If you have already installed the software, or don't need an installer or uninstaller, you can save download time by downloading just the .exe file by clicking here.  This is currently 937k bytes.  Use your browsers "save link as" facility, and save the file to the program directory for TDSLPE, which is normally c:\Program Files\Duncan Amplification\TDSL Personal Edition 1.0

Version History

1.1 prod [34] 22/11/2006 Updated so filter window is placed in centre of application to prevent problems with dual screen systems.
1.1 prod [33] 08/09/2006 Updated to using Windows installer (.msi) and Windows HTML help files (.chm).
1.0 prod [31] 29/4/2003 Fixed problem with basing diagrams showing incorrectly under certain circumstances.
1.0 prod [30] 5/10/2001 Fixed problem when the pinouts would not always show correctly..
1.0 prod [27] 9/7/2001 Fixed problem for countries where "," is used as the decimal separator - this was preventing the parametric search from working properly.
1.0 prod [25] 26/3/2000 Minor tidy up, and extra compression to make the download approx 100KB smaller.
1.0 prod [22] 4/9/99 Two bug fixes relating to the display of basing diagrams, and a performance improvement.  Click here for the readme file which contains details of the changes.
1.0 prod [21] 1/9/99 Now includes the schematic view for over 400 basing types.
1.0 prod [18] 14/8/99 First production version of the software.
1.0 beta 17 6/8/99 Help file now finished, sorting added to the parametric results , and a few issues sorted out with the data pack.
1.0 beta 15 31/7/99 Various fixes and enhancements to parametric search. 
1.0 beta 14 29/7/99 Public release of beta version for testing.