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This represents a PSpice model. It is likely only to be compatible with the Orcad PSpice simulator due to some of the maths used to make up the model.
This is a Berkeley Spice 3f4 compatible model. It should work with a wide range of simulators.
An Adobe Acrobat PDF document which normally supplements models written by me.


Part Parent Source Model/Documentation
5AR4 5AR4 DC 5AR4 pspice model
5AR4 5AR4 KA
5U4GB 5U4GB DM 5U4GB pspice model
5V3A 5V3A DM 5V3A pspice model
5V4GA 5V4GA DM 5V4GA pspice model
5Y3GT 5Y3GT DM 5Y3GT pspice model
6AL5 6AL5 DM 5Y3GT pspice model
6D22S 6D22S DM 6D22S pspice model
EB91 6AL5 DM 5Y3GT pspice model
GZ34 5AR4 DC 5AR4 pspice model
GZ34 5AR4 KA

Source Legend:

DC Dave Cigna / Francesco Piazza
DM Me!
KA Kevin Aylward, (

The above SPICE models for various valves and most of these models are for use with PSpice from Orcad.

Most SPICE model links are to Dave Cigna's stash of SPICE models provided by Francesco Piazza- these are marked DC. To make things easier to find, I've listed all the equivalents from the header, so some files will be duplicated. For instance, 6L6WGB takes you to the same file as clicking 5881 (the 6L6GC parent). Alternatively, you can grab the zip file with all Dave's models, and some other stuff such as a heater model and some test circuits.

The models marked DM are ones I've made up from data sheets or actual testing. Please bear in mind that I offer no warranty with these models - use them at your own risk.

All trademarks acknowledged.