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Here are some links to home pages and manufacturers providing models for their devices. 

Home Pages/Info

Mithat Konar has a page describing improvements to a number of traditional modelling techniques for vacuum tubes.
Francesco Pintavalle has a large number of triode models based on Childs law, and a number of diode models for PSpice.
Norman Koren audio page Articles and downloads on SPICE vacuum tube modeling, a Matlab program for finding SPICE parameters, and instructions on using tube models with PSpice. He also has SPICE-based high end preamplifier and amplifier designs.


Analog Devices (updated 12/9/98) Motorola (Pressure sensors)
Apex Microtechnology (updated 12/2/01) Motorola (Rectifiers)
Burr-Brown National Semiconductor
Comlinear Philips (Semiconductors)
Elantec Polyfet
Harris Semiconductor SGS-Thomson
International Rectifier Siemens
Linear Technology Teccor
Maxim TEMIC (Siliconix)
Motorola (BJTs) TI
Motorola (Op amps) Zetex
Motorola (Power MOSFETs I)