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Speaker Impedance Calculations

Welcome to the software page.  This page contains details of software available from this site, to assist with the design of amplifiers and related equipment.

Note: All software on this page is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and NT4.

bluebox.gif (813 bytes) Resistor calculator - Free

Superb resistor calculator from Morgan Jones and Mark Lovell.  If you need an oddball value, this is the pain free way to work out which combo you need in series or parallel to get the desired effect.  It also shows the colour codes on screen - great for people like me who can never remember them!  [Added 30/1/2007]

bluebox.gif (813 bytes) Anode Load Calculator - Free

Anode load calculator - an excel 5 spreadsheet (in zipped form) which allows you to see the amount of stress on output valves for a given amount of standing bias current [4k bytes].


bluebox.gif (813 bytes) disk2disk - $19.95 (30 day free trial)

What would happen if your hard drive failed today?  Everybody needs backup!  disk2disk is a great tool for backing up your system, and for archiving files.

Running under Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and NT, disk2disk has an intuitive user interface and contains features such as disk spanning, and two levels of file compression.  It can back up to secondary hard disks, network drives and Zip disks.  You can even backup to CDR's or CDRW's if you have the appropriate packet drivers on your system.

For $19.95, it's cheap insurance.  Download it today, and safeguard your system.  ps: disk2disk has been in daily use at Duncan Amplification since August '99, for backing up designs, artwork, correspondence, web pages etc. and has been used to do a full system recovery in that time...

bluebox.gif (813 bytes) PSU Designer II - Free

Available now, the PSU Designer II.  New improved version of PSU designer.

Caters for a variety of power supply configurations, and rectifier configurations including tube and solid state rectifiers.


bluebox.gif (813 bytes) speaker5.gif (20625 bytes)Speaker Impedance Calculator - Free

Impedance of speakers - Tired of working out what the individual power ratings etc.?  Grab an Excel 5 spreadsheet that will do it for you!!

Handles various combinations of series and parallel to give you the power rating required for each speaker, and the impedance of the whole combination.

bluebox.gif (813 bytes) TDSL Personal Edition - Free

You may have used the TDSL to query vacuum tube data on over 13,000 tubes.  Now this information is available to run on Windows PC's!

Click here to go to the TDSL personal edition page.


bluebox.gif (813 bytes) tsc_shot_small.gif (5795 bytes)Tone Stack Calculator - Free

Based on the excellent tone stack simulator by Dave Cigna, it adds real time operation, so you can see the control variations instantly.  The final release is now available for download.

Click here to go to the TSC page.