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PSUD2 has moved! You can now get the latest downloads and support from the Groups.IO page at
This page will stay live for the foreseeable future to host older versions
License Terms

The package is copyrighted proprietary software and not public domain.  No license fee is required for use of the software by bona-fide hobbyists and non-profit making organisations.  Duplication or copying of this software is expressly prohibited including (but not limited to) distribution on CD-ROMs and web sites. 

Version History

Build 74 released. Rectifiers are now stored as XML files for easier sharing and updates. macOS version now available. Fixed multiple issues with Windows 10 permissions.
2.10.0 22/11/2019 Build 63 released.  Windows 10 friendly version. The rectifiers.txt file is now stored in the AppData area rather than the Program Files area so this should solve the permission denied errors.
2.0.4 30/12/2014 Build 43 released.  Parameters of the source impedance calculators are now remembered between sessions.
2.0.3 15/04/2013 Build 42 released.  Stepped current tap now reports correctly.
2.0.2 10/01/2011 Build 41 released.  Stepped current load now shows both values on the schematic.
2.0.2 08/01/2011 Build 40 released.  Some fixes to help, minimum capacitor value reduced, maximum source impedance increased.
2.0.2 14/11/2010 Build 39 released.  Now uses HTML help.
2.0.1 06/11/2010 Build 38 released.  The width of the results table can now be re-sized.
2.0.1 17/07/2003 Build 37 released.  A couple of dialog boxes which were re-sizeable now fixed.
2.0.1 16/07/2003 Build 36 released.  Pressing Enter in the dialog boxes now closes them.
2.0.1 02/06/2003 Build 35 released.  Error in reporting of stepped current load, now fixed.
2.0.1 01/06/2003 Minor correction to errors in the help file.
2.0.1 10/3/2002 Build 34 released. Reporting delay now works in seconds instead of milliseconds.
2.0.1 3/9/2002 Build 33 released.  Suffix for kilo is now "k" instead of "K", which is the correct international convention.
2.0.1 13/03/2001 Build 32 released.  LC filters were reporting incorrect capacitor and inductor voltages, now fixed.
2.0.1 26/01/2001 Build 30 released.  Only change is increase in the size of capacitors which can be used to 1F (was 220mF).
2.0.1 29/11/2000 Build 29 released.  Fixes problems with voltage doublers not producing the correct output with vacuum tube rectifiers.
2.0.1 02/04/2000 Public release 1 (build 27).  Minor tidying up, the software is now officially released...
2.0.0 19/02/2000 Beta build 24 - bluebox.gif (813 bytes)Problem with stepped current loads now fixed.  bluebox.gif (813 bytes)Sometimes floating point errors would show up, these have been fixed too.  bluebox.gif (813 bytes)Problem with rectifiers.txt not handling tab characters correctly is now fixed.
2.0.0 16/02/2000 Beta build 23 - bluebox.gif (813 bytes)Bug with large fonts where zoom buttons disappeared now fixed.  bluebox.gif (813 bytes)Suffix for kilo changed from "k" to "K".  bluebox.gif (813 bytes)Reminders of the suffixes to use are now present on the property editors for each component. bluebox.gif (813 bytes) Results area with min max etc., has been tidied up.
2.0.0 15/02/2000 Beta build 22 - bluebox.gif (813 bytes)Simulation and report delay both increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.  bluebox.gif (813 bytes)The results area now shows Min, Max, Difference, Mean and RMS for each trace.
2.0.0 13/02/2000 Beta build 21 - bluebox.gif (813 bytes)System info box added. bluebox.gif (813 bytes) Memory leak which caused memory to be consumed each time a simulation was run is now fixed. bluebox.gif (813 bytes) When loading files under "auto simulate" mode, the simulation was carried out twice - now fixed. bluebox.gif (813 bytes) Milliseconds now represented as "ms" instead of "mS". bluebox.gif (813 bytes) Changing blocks now makes an attempt to recycle values, i.e. changing from half-wave to full-wave will preserve the transformer voltage, resistance, and rectifier type.
2.0.0 13/02/2000 Beta build 20 - includes PSU Wizard, and some bug fixes.
2.0.0 12/02/2000 Beta build 18 - First public release of PSUD II.