A number of screen shots are available to show the operation of disk2disk.  These are thumbnail sized shots, but you can click on them to see a full sized version.

Screenshots - Backup operations
Initial screen

This is what you see when disk2disk first fires up.

Backup - What

Select the items you wish to back up - it's easy, just point and click!

Backup - Where

Decide where the backed up data is going to live.  Either type in a destination, or hit the browse button.  Note the extra options for optimising CDR and CDRW backups.

Backup - How

Further options to fine tune your backup, including compression.

Backup - When

Backup right now, all files or just changed ones.

Backup progress

Keeps you informed of the status of the backup, and the level of compress (if selected).

Verify progress

As with the backup progress, you get a status indicator for the verification phase.

Screenshots - Restore operations
Restore - What

Deciding what to restore is easy.  Just click the whole lot in one go, or select and deselect individual files and directories.

Restore - Where

Restore the files right back where they came from, or send them to a different drive or subdirectory.

Restore - How

Options for the restore - decide how to bring back files and resolve conflicts if the file already exists.

Screenshots - Other
Help - 1

disk2disk has an online help system.  Here's a shot of the opening screen on the help file.

Help - 2

Another shot of the help system, this time "how to automate backups".


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