What customers say about disk2disk...

I just thought I would let you know that we are advising all our clients to use your software. It is a relief to find something that

Does what it says it will
Exceeds expectations
Is easy to use.

Robert - Melbourne, Australia

Awesome!  I (and most people I think) would rather have a rock-steady, reliable, good-natured program that doesn't hog resources of other programs than one that makes breakfast for us!
Lydell Anderson - CA, USA

Holy **** if it didn't get me back up and running in 15 minutes with a clean copy of the fully loaded operating systems which I fortunately made before the KAK virus snook in and tampered with my machine.  Thanks good buddy. $56 bucks well spent.
Jeff Owen - WA, USA

I am just writing to say thank you for your exceedingly prompt support. It makes a very pleasant change compared with many other software vendors.
Alex Pilkington - Devon, England

Your program is perfect, easy to use and reassured me that there are still some very smart independent programmers with good intuitive skills and a eye to market their own products. The program works as advertised, the purchase and registration processes were easy and painless, Thanks!
Jeff Friedman - OR, USA

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  Keep up the good work in creating good useful software.
Rick Watson - Ontario, Canada

Many congratulations on an absolutely superb program. It has to be best value for money application I have ever come across on a Mac or PC (except for free apps, of course ;-))
Dr. Nick Helps - Dundee, UK

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