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Here are some sounds of the amp in action, stored as RealAudio files. If you don't have a realaudio player, then you will need to download one.

The recordings were made with no reverb or effects. A microphone was placed 8" from the bottom speaker in a 4x12 cab pointing at the centre of the cone and offset 30 degrees when viewed from above. The mic was run into a Fostex-250 4 track recorder and dumped straight into a PC.

The guitar used was a strat on the bridge pickup, the amp in all instances had the input attenuator at the three o'clock position - this cuts overall gain by about 40%.

The sounds are lacking in top end due to the poor HF response of a 4x12, however, I have made no attempt to equalise or compress the signal - what you hear is what came out of the amp..... All of these recordings were made using channel A of the amp, and with the harmonic control switched in for more of a brown tone. The turbo switch is off for the first three sounds, and on for the last two. EQ controls flat except where noted.

Apologies to the world in general for my crap playing..........

Turbo Off

Sample RA download
Clean Tone - with the guitar wound back to about six, and the level control all the way up. Gain at around the 12 o'clock position. Download
Heavy Blues - Guitar wound up to max, level backed off a little, and gain at around 3 o'clock position. Download
Rock - Level backed off a little more, and gain at maximum. Download

Turbo On

Sample RA download
HM Brown Tone - Gain at around 3 o'clock position, EQ flat. Download
HM Scoop Tone - Gain at around 3 o'clock again, EQ lo/hi both set to 3 o'clock position. Download