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Heres the gallery showing some of the pics of the DDS-2250V out of its case. You can click on any of the pictures to see a bigger one. If you have a text only browser, you are in the wrong place!!

The box In its box - complete with flight case handles to make it easier to carry 47lbs of amplifier around. No badge on the front yet though.
Front view Out of the box now, back row: 2 x Trace Elliot Speed Twin H50 output transformers, 4 x 6L6WGB and a rather tasty Parmeko mains transformer (oil filled) - you ain't going to blow this one!!! 30VA toroidal for heater supplies and switching in front of it, and along the front row, 5 x Mullard M8137 (12AX7WA mil spec). Nestling in the middle is another M8137 flanked by a pair of Mullard M8162's (12AT7WA) to stoke up the 6L6's.
Rear view Here's the view from round the back - not too interesting - if you squint up really close, you might see that adjustable damping control sitting upright in front of the output transformers... The fluorescent yellow blobs are the effects send/return adjustment controls.

Underneath: Ooo err, it's a bit of a mess. The left hand side of the picture is the preamp stage - note that it's shielded from the engine room to cut hum and noise. At the top of this strip, is the PCB which handles master volume and effects switching - the rest is all hand wired.

The right hand strip is the power amp and power supplies. At the top are two10W resistors to cut HT for standby mode. The left is dominated by the main power card and 4 x 290uF capacitors. Short circuit for instant sun tan. Down at the bottom the MOSFET regulator, and just to the left of this, a pair of 12V supplies to feed the heaters for the 9 pin valves and other low voltage requirements...

MOSFET regulator Heres the MOSFET regulator - there's a little fuse on board in case things go wrong, and also a small home-made heatsink to keep the MOSFET cool...