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cct_b112icon.gif (25685 bytes)Many people have mailed me and asked for schematics of the DDS-2250V.  These were all drawn up last year, but unfortunately, my PC hard disk crashed and they were lost.  I now use disk2disk to guard against losses of this type......

So.... I've had to redraw all four of them!  If you want to grab these files for download, don't forget to right-click or shift-click, or whatever your browser needs to do to download without viewing...

Schematic Acrobat PDF GIF format
Power Supplies cct2250a.pdf (77k) cct2250a.gif (84k)
Power Amplifiers cct2250b.pdf (115k) cct2250b.gif (108k)
Channel A/B Preamps cct2250c.pdf (100k) cct2250c.gif (103k)
Switching/Buffering/FX cct2250d.pdf (87k) cct2250d.gif (105k)

Get Acrobat ReaderNote that you will need an Adobe Acrobat reader or plugin on your browser to make sense of the above schematics with are in PDF format.  Click on the "Get Acrobat" button to download one from the Adobe site if you don't have one already.