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Here are a number of links to other sites on the internet. 
Home brew amps General links for home brewing amps.  An assortment of essential sites which you should check to help with constructing amps.
Books Links to books and periodicals.
Cad links Computer aided design links.
Circuits Sites which store circuit diagrams (schematics).
Components Component suppliers
Data sheets Sites which have available vacuum tube data sheets for download.
Effects Links which deal with constructing outboard effects for guitar amps.
Manufacturers Manufacturers of guitar amplifiers - also includes some "unofficial" sites.
Other Miscellaneous links which didn't seem to fit anywhere else!
Repair info Technicians who can help with repairing or modifying amplifiers, and a section on information which can help with repairs.
Tablature Guitar tabs online.
Test equipment Test equipment, specifically to do with repairing/servicing guitar amps.
Valves Valve (vacuum tube) manufacturers and suppliers.
WWW Links which deal with World Wide Web software.