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Specification - last updated 16/09/06 00:47:22



Here we have the spec for the Blues 112:

Single channel, class A combo
Triode/Pentode switching
10W RMS (pentode), 2.9W RMS (triode)
Tube power amplifier/preamp
Master volume design
Four switchable preamp/bias styles (Clean, American crunch, British crunch, Turbo)
Triple spring Accutronics reverb tank with solid state drive and recovery
Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeaker (12" 60W)
Effects/slave loop
Dual inputs, low and high sensistivity
Preamp tube filaments operated from DC supply for low noise
Extension speaker output (8/16 ohm)
Size 22" W x 17" H x 10" D  559mm x 432mm x 254mm   Nett
Weight 51 lbs  23.2kg  Nett