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b112front.gif (8287 bytes)Here are some sound clips of the Blues 112 in action, stored as MP3 files recorded 24/7/2000 + 28/9/2001 and some RealAudio files recorded in '97.


On these recent MP3's, I just went through the four preamp style positions and played whatever came into my head, badly.  Recording setup was the SB Live! 1024, and a cheap mic that came with my AWE-32 years back.  The mic was positioned 18" from the cab off-centre.  Due to the distance you will probably hear other stuff getting picked up, like me hitting the strings, my watch rattling, etc...

There are two flavours of mono MP3 on here, the 32kbs low quality ones and the high quality 80kbs ones.  Some noise reduction has been applied to get rid of the buzzes and stuff that seem to surround PC's.  Other than that, the samples are uncompressed, and no EQ has been applied - this is about as raw as you get...

The last of the MP3's is a tune clip that was hastily thrown together.  It has the additional disadvantage of my harmonica playing - you have been warned...

Style Notes 32kbs MP3 80kbs MP3
1 The cleanest of the gain/style positions, although you can hear the slight breakup as the gain is maxed out, using the master volume to keep things in check.  Played with strat on the middle pickup. Download
2 Position 2 gives more gain, with deliberate assymetric clipping to get the American sound.  Strat on the bridge pickup this time, for a sharper sound.  Gain on maximum again. Download
3 More of a rock sound, this is probably the one I use most.  Nice dynamics on this one, note how the sound doesn't break up and splatter out as you play harder.  No fiddling with the volume control or pedals on this one, it was all done by starting off playing light and getting angry.  Bridge pickup, and gain on max.  Have a listen a second time, and you will see that the frequency response of the lightly played guitar at the start is clean and in balance with the distorted sound later on. Download
4 Most gain out of the lot.  The B112 isn't a death metal amp, such sonic preferences are better dialled in with a tubescreamer up front, and gain/style #3.  Thought I would throw in the sound of style #4 here without FX just for completeness.  Bass was wound up to the 3 o'clock position which was probably a mistake.  Gain is at the 2 o'clock position - it's raw and gutsy, but that's all I have to say nice about it... Download
N/A Tune clip.  I like this one - having just bought a Fender Telecaster, I decided to try it on the Blues 112 to see what it sounded like.  Left/right are the Tele in open G tuning on style 3 (rock) with gain around the 3 o'clock position.  The bass is a Peavey Zephyr DI'ed, and there's some harp blasted through the B112 in there too... Download [245k] Download [976k 128kpbs]


RealAudio logoYou can download the dual-ISDN files and play them locally with the RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

If you have a slow link, don't forget to shift-click or right-click, or whatever your browser expects you to do when picking the files for download to ensure they get saved to disk rather than played....

Sample RA 2xISDN
Dynamics - Using my bitza Strat on preamp style #3 (Let's Rock).  Highlights the effect of quiet picking followed by hard playing without altering the guitar volume pot, or altering the amp's controls. Download [255k]
Thick Tone - Now using a Gibson Sonex 180 with the same settings as above - you can hear the powerful Gibson crunch.... Download [252k]
Insanity - The Gibson again, but preamp style #4 this time (High Gain).  I'm only playing one chord on this one... Download [196k]
new.gif (1277 bytes)Triode Thrash - Back to the Strat on the bridge pickup, using preamp style #3 (Let's Rock), the gain is at the 12 o'clock position.  This would normally give a clean sound.  However, the master volume is maxed, and the output stage is flipped to triode mode which limits power output to 2.9W RMS before clipping.  Instead of the clean sound, you get to hear those EL84's being pushed past the limit.  Can't wait to try it with a Telecaster for that definitive "Who" sound. Download [120k]
Tune Clip - Some bits of guitar thrown together along with a MIDI backing track.  The rhythm part is double tracked and panned hard left/right.   The lead has some chorus applied over the top (and maybe over the top is the best description)....

Rhythm tracks are recorded using preamp style #3, with the treble control at 9 o'clock.

Lead was with preamp style #4 with the treble control at 10 o'clock.

Note that the MP3 is a remix of the one in the RealAudio sample, it's not identical source material.

Download RealAudio [237k]


Download MP3 [484k]


Got to be bad news - For the first four samples, I used the mic that comes with the SoundBlaster cards (really).   The frequency response is pretty toppy as a result.  Run straight into the AWE-32, and recorded direct to disk.  No effects etc....

For the Tune Clip sample, I managed to borrow an SM58 and a Studiomaster Diamond 8-2 desk   This was recorded along side the MIDI track onto tape with EQ flat.


Style: #3 or #4 as indicated above.
Gain: 2 o'clock position except triode thrash.
Bass/Mid/Treble: All at 12 o'clock, unless otherwise indicated.
Reverb: 9 o'clock.
Volume: 9 o'clock.
Pentode mode.

For triode thrash, the volume was maxed and the amp was in triode mode.