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Line drawing of amp
This was the prototype line drawing.
View from back
Here's the box of tricks with the Celestion Vintage 30 packed in.  Looking at the right, you can see the reverb tank.
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Here's the finished product with the chassis installed.  You can also see the badge which is detailed in the pic on the right.....
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Closeup of the badge.

Laser cut 16 gauge steel, chrome plated and polished.  Looks nice!


Pilots view of the control panel.  From left to right: Input jacks, preamp style, gain, bass, mid, treble, reverb, master.  Switches: Triode/pentode, standby, mains light, power on/off.

All control legends are engraved by hand before chrome plating.  No stick on transfers!


Nik Sargeant has made up his own version of the Blues 112.  Take a trip to his site to have a look, at: