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Contains SPICE models for a small selection of Loudspeakers. These are mostly of my own making, and I OFFER NO WARRANTY FOR THEM WHATSOEVER. Use these models at your own risk!
Model Size Rating Freq db/W/m
Celestion G12H-100 12" 100W 82Hz - 5.5kHz 100
Celestion G12M 'Greenback' 12" 25W 75Hz - 5.0kHz 99
Celestion G12T-75 12" 75W 82Hz - 5.5kHz 98
Celestion Vintage 10 10" 60W 80Hz - 5.0kHz 97
Celestion Vintage 30 12" 60W 70Hz - 5.0kHz 100

Jaime Arbona has kindly provided a generic loudspeaker model which you can download too...

Note that the models are not endorsed by their respective manufacturers. All trademarks acknowledged.