License terms

ACCEPTANCE. By installing the package, you agree to be bound by the following terms. Should you not agree to the terms, then please do not install this software package.

COPYRIGHT/DISTRIBUTION. disk2disk is Copyright 1999-2008, Duncan Amplification. disk2disk may be distributed in unmodified form as the complete shareware .exe or .zip file as provided by Duncan Amplification, by any means including CD-ROMS, magazine cover disks, web sites, or ftp sites. Distribution of modified versions, partial versions, or security keys is prohibited. Portions of the software use ZLIB which is Copyright 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.

SHAREWARE. disk2disk is provided for a 30 day period in which the major features of the software application can be tested. After this time a license must be purchased in order to allow the continued use of the software. The 30 day period commences on the day the software was first operated on a specific processor.

SECURITY KEY. Continued use is provided by use of a security key. Duncan Amplification retains the ownership of the security key, the contents of the security key are proprietary to Duncan Amplification and in ordering the key you accept that the contents of the key are proprietary, and also agree not to divulge the security key to third parties. Divulging the security key will terminate any rights to use the software.

USAGE OF LICENSED SOFTWARE. disk2disk is licensed "per machine". You may use the security key to enable one and only one installation of the software, unless otherwise agreed in writing for the purpose of site or corporate licensing. disk2disk may be used on a network server providing that a license has been purchased for each client machine which can access the software on the network server.

RESTRICTIONS. You may not rent or lease the software to any other party. You may not reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or modify the software in an attempt to discover the operation of the software or to create derived works from the software. You may not transfer or sell the license to another party unless written notification has been provided to Duncan Amplification.

WARRANTY. No warranty either express or implied is provided with disk2disk. No claims are made for its ability to operate as expected or operate in accordance with any supplied documentation, nor to be free of any defects. No guarantees are made that disk2disk will recover data stored on a backup media.

DAMAGES. Duncan Amplification will not be liable for any damages or losses whether direct or consequential arising out of the use of the software howsoever caused, even if Duncan Amplification have been advised of the possibility of such damages or losses beforehand.


disk2disk is Copyright 1999-2008 Duncan Amplification, please refer to the license for distribution information.  All trademarks used herein are acknowledged.